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School Uniform

School uniform is worn with pride in our community, and we expect students to be correctly dressed and in a full school uniform at all times. This includes walking to and from school. Remember, makeup, jewellery and nail varnish are not allowed and coats must be stored in lockers, not carried around in school.

Harper Green School insists on high standards of uniform at all times. This makes our school stand out and gives our students a real feeling of identity. All students must wear a Harper Green blazer, year tie, trousers or skirt with the school logo on, a white shirt, plain black tights or black knee length socks and plain black flat shoes. Coats and jackets should be black.

You can purchase our school uniform from Ziggy’s and Smart Clothing.

School Uniform


  • Black knee length skirt or black school trousers with school logo.


  • Harper Green blazer with striped lapel and school logo.


  • White blouse with fastening top button OR

      white shirt with fastening top button.


  • Year group tie worn so that the logo and stripes are visible.


  • Black v-neck sweater with neck trimming and school logo (optional).


  • Plain black knee length socks or black tights (black tights are complusory for those wearing skirts between November and April).


  • Plain black shoes (trainers and materials/ canvas shoes alongside heels or wedges are not permitted).


  • Mainly black top coat, no hoodies or sweatshirts (hoodies will be confiscated and returned at the end of the day).

PE Kit


  • Black, burgundy and white t-shirt with school logo


  • Black, burgundy and white shorts with school logo


  • Black and burgundy leggings with school logo (girls)

  • Trainers (Sport specific, not Converse or pumps)

  • Black and burgundy socks


Optional extra’s you may want to purchase


  • Black, burgundy and white rugby top with school logo (boys)


  • Black, burgundy and white 1/4 zip top with school logo (boys/girls)


  • Black and burgundy leggings with school logo (girls)


  • Black and white slim fit track pants with school logo (boys/girls)


  • Football/Rugby boots


  • Gumshield (Rugby lessons)


  • Hair cannot be shorter than a 1.5 grade.
  • Hair should not be extreme. We determine extreme as…
  • significant variety in length on the same head (for example a shaved underneath, top knot, shaved sides)
  • no artwork, lines or tramlines
  • All hair should be in line with the natural colour spectrum. In addition, there should be...
  • no block colouring (for example a dip dye or at the roots)
  • no stripes (for example highlights) or extreme colour contrasts
  • Hair accessories must be discrete, plain and either black, maroon or white.
  • Head scarves worn for religious reasons must be plain and either black or maroon.
  • The final decision on what is acceptable rests with Deputy Headteacher (Behaviour Attitudes and Personal Development) to ensure consistency. Please contact the school prior to purchase if you would like prior approval.
  • Hair at Harper Green


  • Shoes should be plain, black, flat and formal.
  • They should be sturdy (but not boots) and able to be polished.
  • They should be without clear logos, flashes, and different coloured trimmings.
  • Please note: Some suppliers may market items as school shoes that do not fit with our description above. Trainers, trainer looking shoes, and canvas footwear is strictly not permitted under any circumstances irrespective of whether it is described as a 'school shoe' when sold. If you are in doubt, please contact the school office for the prior approval of the Deputy Headteacher (Behaviour, Attitudes & Personal Development).
  • Acceptable Shoes


  • There is a NO jewellery policy, except for a watch (Smartwatches are not permitted).
  • Any other jewellery will be confiscated by staff. Students will be monitored over time, and persistent offenders will receive escalating consequences.
  • Body piercings and adornment of any form are not permitted.
  • Nail varnish or acrylic/gel nails are not allowed.
  • Extended or false eyelashes are not permitted.
  • If a student refuses to comply, this will result in you being invited into school for a meeting and the student being isolated until the requirement is met.


We want all students in school to follow our expectations. We will provide every opportunity for students to stop and fix any issues.

However, should the student choose not to remove the offending item, accept an alternative form of footwear or be able to stop and fix the issue (hair), then an automatic Isolation will be issued. This may also apply to other issues relating to incorrect uniforms.

 In cases where jewellery, caps, hooded tops or other banned items are brought/ worn, these will be confiscated, a communication sent home, and the item(s) held in the main office until an acknowledgement is received from a parent/carer before being returned. However, in the case of persistent confiscation of any item(s), a parent/ carer will be informed and asked to collect in person.

 Students must accept responsibility for their own personal possessions and equipment whilst on the school site. Please avoid bringing valuable items into school.

 The school will not be held responsible for any item of uniform or equipment lost or stolen in school. 

Guidance on Non-Uniform