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Curriculum Intent Statement

As a department, we have worked rigorously and critically to develop our own Mastery curriculum which will equip all pupils at Harper Green School to fulfil their potential at GCSE and enable them to be confident and fluent users of Mathematics in their adult life.


Our curriculum aims to empower all pupils to develop a strong foundation of core knowledge and a flexible set of Mathematical skills to meet the requirements of the 9-1 GCSE specification.  These requirements are assessed in three key areas;


Fluency- developing conceptual understanding and the ability to recall and apply knowledge rapidly and accurately


Problem Solving- applying their Mathematics to a variety of routine and non-routine problems


Reasoning- following lines of enquiry, conjecturing relationships and generalisations, and developing arguments, justifications or proof


We aim to engage pupils in each of these areas with lessons that are accessible to all but appropriately challenging and that develop core Mathematical knowledge and skills.


Our curriculum also incorporates Maths in practical and functional contexts to prepare our pupils for a lifetime of Mathematical proficiency as well as STEM and challenges to enrich and inspire their enthusiasm for the subject.



Curriculum Implementation- Mathematics



With the above intent in mind, we have designed our curriculum to make use of research informed teaching and learning strategies that build and retain durable and transferable knowledge over time.  These include;


Interleaving- introducing combinations of skills/concepts into a sequence of lessons to provide challenge and deepen understanding (e.g. Finding perimeter and area with fractions or decimals)

Spaced practice- revisiting topics and skills to ensure that the knowledge gained by pupils is retained over time.  This is also supported through our programme of independent study and parental engagement.

Diagnostic questions- multiple choice questions to display pupil understanding and expose misconceptions

Variation theory- the use of minimally different question sets to enable fluent calculation and to highlight to pupils the underlying mathematical structure of a concept

We also ensure that the delivery of our curriculum is rigorous and appropriately pitched with diagnostic tests at the beginning and end of each unit of work.   As Mathematics is a discipline that underpins many other academic subjects, we further support other curriculum areas in the delivery of Mathematical content.

Independent learning is also crucial to promote the best possible progress in Mathematics and is facilitated using Times Tables Rock Stars and HegartyMaths.

Times Tables Rock Stars is an adaptive online resource which tests pupils on their knowledge of multiplication facts and sets further questions in order to eliminate gaps in the recall of these facts.  As times tables are a crucial building block in much of the Maths learned in KS3 and KS4, this resource is invaluable to help pupils develop fluency and confidence.

HegartyMaths is a complete online platform for Maths learning.  Pupils will access video tutorials from an outstanding qualified Maths teacher, complete online quizzes and receive tailored question sets to fill gaps and expand their understanding. 

To maximise the impact on pupil progress, we maintain a programme of parental engagement to support our pupils in staying up to date with their independent studies.

Mathematics Curriculum Overview