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Harper Green

Learning Support


Harper Green is an inclusive school that works hard to ensure that children of all abilities achieve their potential. Our committed Learning Support team ensures that every pupil is given the opportunity to access the curriculum. Our staff provides support within the classroom and through individual and group learning programmes. We are committed to the idea that all our pupils, regardless of ability, have an equal right to a broad and balanced curriculum. We work hard to ensure that this objective is met. The success achieved by our young people across the entire spectrum speaks for itself. We are proud that we are an inclusive school in every sense of the word.

It is crucial for all subjects that the department focuses on improving the reading skills of pupils. To this end, much of our intervention focusses on this.

As well as improving the academic progress of our pupils, it is as equally important to ensure we meet the social and emotional needs. We do this through the use of several group based intervention and individual work with a member of the learning support team. We also provide a “quiet space” for children with anxiety and other difficulties.

The Learning Support Department also runs a three times a day homework club and a Nurture club and drop in sessions for pupils at lunchtime.


Please click on this link for more details about the intervention provided by the department