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Harper Green


Student Voice 

Our students are the most important people in the school and they deserve to speak and be heard.

By joining Student Voice, you have the chance to have your say on key decisions whilst meeting like-minded people and developing your debating and reasoning skills. You will make a difference. 

Our School Council

Head Students

  • Darshana Shama
  • Bradley Barrow
  • Boamah Asante

  • Sana Qazi

Head & Deputy Head of Austen House

  • Qays Shiraz

  • Anu Agboola

Head & Deputy Head of Mandela House

  • Shayna Varsani

  • Gracie Farnworth

Head & Deputy Head of Malala House

  • Zainab Malik

  • Brajan Kaczmarowski

Head & Deputy Head of Attenborough House

  • Kasey Callaghan

  • Dima Kabour

Senior Prefects

  • Abdullah Shaheen

  • Sienna Hill

  • Farhad Mahmood

  • Jack Gamble

  • Wiktoria Jez

  • Ali Zaheer

  • Fahid Akhtar Bibi

  • Grace Glossop

  • Manix So

  • Lincoln Rowlands

  • Harlie Clough

  • Levi Dorsett

  • Mahek Shah

  • Lexi Baker

  • Noor Zamen

  • Kyle Kaneen

  • Raayanna Akhtar

  • Oscar Kulakowski

  • Angela Ageymang


  • Minal Akhtar
  • Danish Ali
  • Samuel Allen
  • Favour Amande-Kur
  • Sultan Araba
  • Ashley Blackburn
  • Conrad Dervishi
  • Robbie Devaney
  • Harley Edwards- Harrison
  • Layton Flitcroft
  • Charlie Garner
  • Mason Gamble
  • Finlay Gaskell
  • Ahsen Hayat
  • Bilawal Hayat
  • Emiliea Hill
  • Mae Kimberley Hindley
  • Jake Hodgkiss
  • Danny Howells
  • Laraib Ijaz
  • Aleena Iqbal
  • Amina Javed
  • Romiley Jones
  • Zainab Kashif
  • Alan Matysiak
  • Joshua McDougall
  • Milana Mikulova
  • Furqan Nasir
  • Petra Nyari
  • Caelum Oldfield
  • Mia Patel
  • Balazs Petrovics
  • Nvar Rashid
  • Abdul Rehman
  • Kieran Roberts
  • Lewis Rosa
  • Alfie Ruskin
  • Patryk Rychlik
  • Emmza Saeed
  • Zohaib Safdar
  • Mariam Sajjad
  • Muhammed Sajjad
  • Ryan Taylor
  • Finlay Walker
  • Hannah Weaver
  • Addison Whalley
  • Ellie Yates
  • Rida Zafar
  • Ayan Zaman Manzoor
  • Ariwan Salah
  • Elliot Schofield
  • Shayne Schofield
  • Alfie Seddon
  • Katelyn Seddon
  • Ans Sheikh
  • Kayliegh Smith

Whole School Council



What have we achieved this year?

  • Taken part in democratic elections and hustings to decide which pupils will represent each form group and year group;
  • Discussed and debated the rewards activities for the end of term;
  • Given feedback on teaching and learning at Harper Green School


Our students have already made an excellent start in 2021-22 by helping to raise money for Macmillan cancer support. Many more events to help raise money for charities will be taking place through the course of the academic year.

In the last academic year a massive effort was made to raise money for the two chosen charities, as decided by the student voice team which were; Derian House and Farnworth Food Bank.