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Student Voice 

Our students are the most important people in the school and they deserve to speak and be heard.

By joining Student Voice, you have the chance to have your say on key decisions whilst meeting like-minded people and developing your debating and reasoning skills. You will make a difference. 

Our School Council

Year 7

  • 7A: Millie Bailey/ Safian Pervez
  • 7B: Faith Matsetlo/ Brandon Cummings
  • 7C: Cullen Barraclough/ Aisha Hussain
  • 7D: Micah Sonuga/ Mia Brittain
  • 7E: Demi-Leigh Williams / Oliver Jarvis
  • 7F: Grace Garstang/ Ibrahim Javed
  • 7G: Leighton Taylor / Taisha Hirani
  • 7H: Lacey Atherton/ Kaden Gallagher

Year 8

  • 8A: Ibrahim Javed / Emily Moss
  • 8B: Alyssa Higginson/ Kenneth Giang
  • 8C: Anna Mckay-Cartwright/ Fevzi Keskin
  • 8D: Theo Armsden/ Mehak Asmat
  • 8E: Olivia Smethurst/ Mia Baptista
  • 8F:  Emily Littlewood/ Harry Heenan
  • 8G: Marryam Butt/ Nathanial Ward
  • 8H – Piotr Waskowski/ Ashton Tucker

Year 9

  • 9A : Waleed Ansar / Lily Elding
  • 9B : Sana Qazi/ Zainab Malik
  • 9C: Levi Chadwick/ Sadia Khan
  • 9D : Oscar Kulakowski/ Hashim Al-Omari
  • 9E : Sultan Hussain/ Kaydi Edwards
  • 9F Mia Patel/ Aysegul Dursun
  • 9G: Darshana Sharma / Alan Malysiak
  • 9H: Sam Allen / Finlay Walker/ Lilly Eastwood

Year 10

  • 10A : Matthew Entwistle/ Jessica Brownley
  • 10B: Mckenzie Moore/ Shad Rashid
  • 10C : Mohammed Kamran / Umar Chaudry-Iftikhar
  • 10D : Abbas Malik / Bernedetta Makelele
  • 10E : Jane Ashton/ Ruby Lever
  • 10F : Victoria Roseden/ Jordanna Bromiley
  • 10G : Tobi Sanussi/ Tia Smith
  • 10H: McKenzie Smyth/ Bryana Hemmings
  • 10I : Zainab Hassan/ Sania Rehman
  • 10J : Aaron Matondo/ Abdulrahman Riaz 

Year 11

  • 11A: Farhan Khan /Alishba Naveed
  • 11B : Awais Mohammed / Noaman Bajiwala
  • 11C: Romany-Alice Anderton-Kay/ Sublime Tehamba
  • 11D : Hamad Asghar/ Ebony Hayhurst
  • 11E : Grace Ellis / Hadi Sheikh
  • 11F: Dalma Pellar/ Jack McCarthy
  • 11G: Cydnie Mayoh/Samah Babeker
  • 11H : Parthavi/ Kanekar/ Aliza Mehmood
  • 11I : Ryan Bhuiyan/ Aqueel Ali
  • 11J : Jacob Anderton- Earnshaw/ Jessica Hindley

Whole School Council

  • Liam Watson/ Faith Matsetlo
  • Nathanial Ward/ Anna McKay- Cartwright
  • Oscar Kulakowski/ Zainab Malik
  • Ruby Lever / Aaron Matando
  • Sublime Tehamba/ Ryan Bhuiyan



What have we achieved this year?

  • Taken part in democratic elections and hustings to decide which pupils will represent each form group and year group;
  • Discussed and debated the rewards activities for the end of term;
  • Given feedback on teaching and learning at Harper Green School


Our students have already made an excellent start in 2021-22 by helping to raise money for Macmillan cancer support. Many more events to help raise money for charities will be taking place through the course of the academic year.

In the last academic year a massive effort was made to raise money for the two chosen charities, as decided by the student voice team which were; Derian House and Farnworth Food Bank.