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School History

"We are Harper... and this is how we do it here!"

Harper Green School was first established in 1927 as a new central school with around two hundred and thirty children. Since then, many changes have occurred across the school, including its size, population and purpose. 

The school was originally known as Farnworth Central School (FCS) and was built only around the central quad. The Headmaster, Mr Sam Astle, effectively divided FCS into a girls' and boys' school by painting a white line across the quad corridor. At the time, very few students possessed a uniform. However, a school crest was designed and used to give the school an identity and emblazoned school stationery (letterhead etc.).

The original FCS crest symbolised the hard work of every individual within the local community, using a traditional shield, the industrial bee and hive. The design included the school's initials, FCS, and motto, Industry Faithfulness in Service.

A new Headmaster, Mr John Close, was appointed in 1963 and quickly introduced a liberal reformer responsible for merging the boys' and girls' divisions. By the late sixties, the school community had increased, and the site required more teaching and learning spaces. Costly extensions were added as part of the phased enlargement and comprised a two-story science block, a gymnasium, a sports hall, a drama complex and a teaching block linking the existing school to the group of new buildings. A further science extension, library and english block were added in the early 1970s. As part of the improvements, the school changed its name to Harper Green Secondary School and refreshed its logo, adding the Lancashire rose and the new school initials.

In August 1982, the school was reorganised to become a co-educational Comprehensive School primarily serving the Farnworth Area. Mr Alan Atherton undertook the development of the newly formed school and ran a competition in 1981 for students to design a new crest and school logo. The winning crest, designed by Year 8 student Mark German, incorporated a crown, rose and gauntlet clutching ferns in recognition of the town's medieval name, Fernerth, which means ‘a place amongst the ferns’. An unusual feature is the rope binding around the shield, symbolising strength. The badge was used up to the 1990s when a simplified version using the fern graphic was introduced. 

The school contains a mixture of original and modern buildings with excellent facilities to allow our students to thrive and flourish. Since joining Leverhulme Church of England and Community Trust in 2017, Harper Green School has seen a significant transformation, investing considerably in its facilities and learning spaces to create inspiring and engaging learning environments for students and staff.


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