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Harper Green


Curriculum Intent Statement

The curriculum is designed to develop curiosity in our students about the world in which they live. It will create a desire to learn about our world and its people that will remain with our students for life.

Students will investigate a range of places, in the UK and further afield, that will help develop their knowledge of the world and its human and physical processes. Students will have the opportunity to investigate the local area of Farnworth and Bolton to develop a sense of who they are and what makes our area special. In addition they will look at areas of importance globally.  Students will be encouraged to develop their geographical skills and communicate their learning in a variety of ways to deepen their understanding.

High quality teaching will develop useful lifelong, transferrable skills in our learners. They will have an excellent knowledge of where places are and how they are interdependent and connected. We aim to create global citizens.

Students will develop a wide geographical knowledge and vocabulary alongside the ability to conduct geographical enquiry. This will enable them to apply questioning skills and effective presentation techniques. Students will be able to reach reasoned conclusions and explain their findings. The curriculum will enable students to make well-informed judgements about current issues in society and the environment.

We strive to foster in our Geographers a genuine interest and passion for the subject, in the world and the people who inhabit it.